elleven™ Vapor Dual Ballpoint Stylus
Exclusive Leed's design features stunning midnight chrome finishing with signature Vapor detailing on bottom barrel. Rubberized capacitive touch stylus tip is ideal for touch screens such as iPhones and iPads as well as everyday uses such as touchscreen payment pads used in grocery stores, gas stations, department stores and ATMs. Pen also includes premium black ink cartridge.
Price 149 299 449 599 1199+
$ $10.68 $10.27 $9.83 $9.42 $8.48

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  • Clip top RIGHTCentered on cap
  • Clip top left,Centered on cap
  • Clip top RIGHTCentered on cap
  • 500
  • 25.30 lbs
  • 12.60 in
  • 12.60 in
  • 6.69 in